How it Works

Virtual Reality (VR) And Artificial Intelligence (AR) Gaming Software For Immersive Patient Experiences

Engineered for Usability with the Future in Mind.

Easily Implement And Update Games Over Time.

We are hardware agnostic, meaning we only use consumer grade hardware, so our products are future proof and easy to adopt into your existing systems. Nothing is dependent on a certain piece of hardware.

Create 3D Models And Figures.

We use depth sensors to create a 3D model for your patients to use as a controller within a game. It’s simple to implement into your existing motion analysis software and gait lab markers.

Make Your Staff’s Job Easier

We have a three button rule, meaning your patients are engaged with a game after three clicks. Software should never hinder your staff’s ability to provide a quality experience.

Adapt Games To Player Capabilities

Our Player specific game dynamics allow game progression regardless of capabilities, providing your patients with a unique, personalized experience.

Record Valuable Data For Clinical Research

The research potential for hospital gaming software is tremendous. By linking all games and activities to a central database, we help you record data points that can be used for future analysis.

Convert Ordinary Gym Spaces Into Interactive Gaming Locations

We create Engaging walls, floors, and ceilings through projection to inspire patient movement and participation. For example, show patients how they can color with their own motions by turning a floor into a coloring book that lights up with every step.

Build Custom Games

We design highly custom hardware unique to your hospital’s spaces and patients’ needs. If you have a special project, we’d love to hear about it.