Our Story

Idoneus Digital was started because of a visit to the Gait Clinic at Gillette Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis where we saw the incredible work these clinics are doing to help children with movement disabilities get back to playing and having fun. This inspired us to partner with these labs to do everything we could to help them help more kids.

Idoneus builds technology that harnesses the power of video games and translates it into a safe, satisfying experience for patients. Games are designed to help patients experience places and things that otherwise feel out of reach. Patients can connect with other patients undergoing similar experiences, feel confident in life skills and scenarios, and relearn how to play sports with their friends.

Our passion for providing immersive experiences for patients is growing in different capacities, with seven games currently launched in hospitals across North America. We’re also now in over 50% of Gait Labs across the U.S. and Canada. By working with hospitals to enhance their current operations and technology, we hope to change the way patient’s feel, learn, create, and engage with others in hospitals.

If you are interested in bringing Idoneus’ technology to a hospital near you, please reach out and join our mission.

Our Mission

Use cutting-edge technology to transform patient experience and satisfaction within hospitals

Our Vision

To bring joy, fun, and play into patients’ rehabilitation and recovery

The Team

Shane Davis headshot

Shane Davis
Founder & CEO

Shane Davis started Idoneus Digital in July 2015 after seeing the amazing work Gait Labs were doing to improve patient’s lives. He brings his background in entertainment and motion capture to help enhance the in-hospital experience for patients through technology.

Prior to Idoneus, Shane spearheaded business development for Vicon Motion Capture, an Academy Award-winning motion capture technology company delivering the most precise, reliable data in any movement analysis application. Shane worked with companies of all sizes across life sciences, entertainment, and engineering. It was at Vicon that he saw the power of the gaming and visual effects industry to solve problems and create a positive impact across widely different businesses and industries.

When not working on Idoneus, Shane enjoys woodworking, motorcycle riding, volleyball, and spending time with his family. As a father to Idoneus’ “Chief Beta Tester,” he makes a conscious effort to encourage positive, limited screen time, which also drives the ethos of the company and its technology.

Christian Aubert
Chief Technology Officer

Christian has been involved with visual effects and associated software development for over 20 years. While developing his skills working for industry leading visual effects companies.

Christian Aubert headshot