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Products & Benefits

Create a Unique Social World for Patients.

We transport patients out of their hospital rooms and into a virtual community where they can explore, create, interact, and communicate with one another and staff, all safely on your locally hosted server.

Customize Game Dynamics According to Patient Capabilities.

Because every patient is unique, we build games that learn as a player plays, creating a personalized experience for fun, learning, and rehabilitation.

Turn Ordinary Spaces into Gaming Locations.

We convert your walls, floors, and ceilings into interactive gaming environments that inspire movement and engagement when treating patients.

Increase Patient Confidence and Independence

We give patients the tools they need to learn skills for independent living in a safe environment.

Immerse Patients in Soothing Environments

Utilizing visual and audio tools, we project calming, peaceful scenes that shift your patient’s attention and emotions.

How We
Got Started

Our software was designed to improve the patient experience by bringing motion capture technology to Gait Labs. With the ability to retarget patient movements into animated characters of their choosing in an immersive environment, we were able to unlock a new world for patients.


All of our technology is reengineered using consumer level software, allowing us to design products that are reliable, easy to use, and future proof. Read more about our technology.


Case Study: BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital

Learn How BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital is gamifying its acute rehab facility.


Demonstrate an Unparalleled Commitment to Patient Satisfaction.

We help you deliver a truly unique patient experience with interactive, engaging technology, designed with the future in mind.

Build new worlds in your hospital that engage and immerse patients:


Make Every Hospital Visit Unique.

We create a safe environment through a protected network where patients can have immersive, engaging experiences through game play unlike anywhere else.

We are aware of the damaging effects of screen time, which is why we work to offset them through interactive AR and VR technology. As we work to incorporate more games, we hope to create a virtual world where friends and family can all interact in one game together.

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