Motion Analysis Technology That Transports Patients Into Animated, Immersive Environments.


Have you ever wanted to see yourself as a character in a movie or a video game? Well, now you can – at least in the gait analysis lab! Our products, Argonaut and Bubo, use cutting-edge motion analysis technology to turn patients into animated characters. This creates an engaging and exciting experience for patients who are undergoing gait analysis, and harnesses the same technology used in the entertainment industry. With Argonaut, patients can see themselves in a whole new way and gain a better understanding of their own mobility. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a nervous first-timer in the gait lab, our products are sure to take your experience to the next level!


When utilized in gait analysis, motion capture tools allow patients to see themselves as fully animated characters and interact in an animated world.

Animate your patients into characters of their choosing as they move around your lab.
Create powerful incentives that motivate patients to engage in the process and look forward to coming to your lab.

Ease any stress or anxiety patients might feel when coming to your lab with games and animation.

Help patients warm up their movements in order to improve your gait analysis.

Argonaut in Action