Case Study

BC Children’s Hospital Creates Immersive Social Worlds and Interactive Learning Environments with New Technology

Products: The Kingdom And Lifelearn


BC Children’s Hospital wanted to implement an interactive and movement-based gaming system to improve their patient experience. After submitting a proposal for the hospital’s public bid, we were given the opportunity to leverage our technology and expertise to make their vision come to life.


We worked closely with BC Children’s to identify where our technology could have the most impact and designed the following games as they became a need to solve patient experience challenges.


The first project (The Kingdom) transported patients out of their hospital room and into animated social worlds. Patients could play games that unlocked new worlds, achievements, and content through a protected network with other patients, staff, and family members.


The second project (Lifelearn) focused on building skill development games to increase patient confidence and independence. Patients could learn how to shop at the grocery store and how to navigate their local transportation system, virtually.


Lastly, we implemented motion analysis technology (Hang Time) to improve a patient’s physical therapy experience. Patients could fill in an animated coloring book on the floor with their own steps, while their body weight was supported by a bioness system.



One Gaming System For Multiple Purposes.

For the first time, BC Children’s Hospital could implement one gaming system with multiple capabilities across its different rooms and spaces that met the unique needs of its patients.

Staff’s Job Made Easier

Our games are controlled from an iPad and follow a three button rule, so the BC Children’s staff could help a patient get started, easier and faster in three clicks— Enter login details, select a location or room, and select a patient to play.


Fully Deployed And Future Proof.

Our technology was fully deployed within 30-60 days with the opportunity to iterate and adapt over the next two years.


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